Welcome to Periperi U

Periperi U is a partnership of African universities that spans across the continent and is committed to building local disaster risk related capacity.

Established in 2006, with five original members, the partnership has grown to include ten/eleven universities from Algiers to Antanarivo, with institutions in Algeria,Eithiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.


This collective effort is practically reflected in:

  • New applied academic programmes that are generating urgently needed local
    disaster risk reduction professionals in Africa
  • Regular, accessible and practical disaster risk related short courses in
    local languages that are offered to government and civil society practitioners.
  • A surge in research of local disaster risks that that has improved the
    knowledge base for disaster risk management planning.
  • Opportunities for partnership members to learn from their colleagues
    experience through flexible exchange visits.