PeriPeri U 2013/14 Annual Report released

  The Partners Enhancing Resilience for People Exposed to Risk (PeriPeri U) have recently completed their annual report for the 2013/2014. This report reviews the activities, progress and accomplishments of the consortium during this period in relation to its own ‘focus areas’ for development. The main themes that are foregrounded in this report include;
  • Analysis on the growing international profile and credibility of PeriPeri U as a centre of risk scholarship and research. i.e. becoming an International Centre of Excellence in Risk Education and Learning (ICOE REaL)
  • Evaluation of the expansion of PeriPeri U activities and services, such as growing student enrolment, increasing demand for risk training, research support and strategic engagement by various stakeholders from local, national and international scales.
  • Report back on the incorporation of Ahmadu Bello University as the 11th member of the partnership.
  • Evidence of increasing institutional traction among the partners. i.e, increasing staff numbers to a total of 117.
  • Review of consolidation and expansion of existing undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes, and the delivery of multiple short courses.
  • Review of increasing strategic mobilisation and engagement of PeriPeri U partners at local, national, regional and international levels
  • Evaluation of the growing and evolving role of the PeriPeri U secretariat in ensuring accountability, transparency and communication
Please feel free to download and view the report Download Annual Report