Climate and Disaster Risk Financing Online Short Course

Date: 25 Oct 2021 to: 19 Nov 2021



The course is designed together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to run virtually over four weeks, using a variety of teaching materials such as virtual classrooms, self-paced study and group work discussions. Classroom sessions will take place twice a week for 2 hours each. Participants are expected to attend the online classroom sessions in order to be eligible for certification. Participants have to complete several short assessments in order to qualify for certification.



Week 1: Overview of the Climate and Disaster Risk Context in Africa

Introducing key concepts and terminology associated with disaster risk reduction. It will examine the complex risk environment in Africa and makes the case for Climate and Disaster Risk Financing (CDRF), as a bundle of tools in disaster risk reduction and mitigation.

Week 2: CDRF Concepts, Principles, Financing Instruments and Practical Examples  

Introducing concepts, principles and instruments for disaster risk financing (DRF) in the African context, including case studies illustrating the application of financial tools and instruments.

Week 3: CDRF Decision-Making – Data and Financial Models

Applying research, data and assessments to inform and implement evidence-based CDRF.

Week 4: Managing CDRF Stakeholders – Communicating the Value Proposition

Focus on managing and communicating the value proposition of disaster risk financing to key government stakeholders in order to implement and guide effective strategies and actions.



The course is designed for senior government officials from finance, planning, climate change/environment ministries, disaster management agencies, as well as representatives from ECOWAS and African Union Commission Directorates responsible for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. Training will be offered primarily in English with French simultaneous translation of virtual classrooms, and presentations, reading materials and assessments in both languages.