Local and International Student Applications for Postgraduate Disaster risk Studies at Stellenbosch University

The Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction (RADAR), at Stellenbosch University is offering two Posgraduate programmes for local and international students to apply for.
The closing date for applications by international students is 31 August 2021 for both programmes, while the closing date for applications by South African students is the 31 October 2021
The two programmes aim to provide students with an integrated understanding of disaster risk and its implications for sustainable development in Africa, with a strong but not exclusive focus on South Africa. It focuses on understanding the interactions between social and physical risk producing processes, and builds students' capacity to plan and implement comprehensive risk reduction
measures. It provides a grounding for multiple career paths, including teaching, research and practice.
More infomration can be found in the links below which provide an overview of the programmethemes, modules, entry requirements and details for application;

Post-graduae Diploma in Disaster Risk Stuidies and Development (DRSD), Stellenbosch University

MPhil in Disaster Risk Science  and Develoment (DRSD), Stellenbosch University