PERIPERI U Talks - Investigating Ecological Engineering to Mitigate Eutrophication in the Flooding Zone of the River Nyong, Cameroon

Date: 24 Jun 2021 to: 24 Jun 2021

Presenter: Norbert Tchouaffe Tchiadje, University of Dschang, Cameroon

Time: 14h00 CAT / 12h00 GMT


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The problems of pollution caused by liquid and solid waste, as a result of the demographic and socio-economic development along the River Nyong, as well as the climatic conditions and particularly the irregularity of the rains, have repercussions on the quality of the water resources of the said River.

Population growth within the River Nyong’s basin has led to exacerbated deforestation, recurrent pollution, and sedimentation of the river bed. It follows that sedimentation accentuates the growth of floating macrophytes and in turn causes a gradual reduction in the flow of the river and unprecedented damage to its ecosystem as well.

For this Talks Session, Norbert Tchouaffe Tchiadje from the University of Dschang, Cameroon will discuss the complex interactions between uses and ecological functions are therefore at the heart of the challenges of sustainability and balanced management of the River Nyong 's aquatic ecosystem. Therefore in order to manage these interactions, it is therefore essential to understand them, to better control them, and finally to find solutions to better reconcile the uses and natural functioning of this ecosystem.

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