Fourth African Logistics Conference October 15-16, 2015 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

The 4th African Logistics Conference, taking place in Dar es Salaam in the United Republic of Tanzania, will provide opportunities for participants to discuss and identify best-practice solutions in Coordination, Communication and Information Management that enhance humanitarian emergency and development programs in Africa.

Coordination and Communication is vital in emergencies. It ensures less gaps and overlaps in a humanitarian organizations’ work. It strives for a needs-based, rather than capacity-driven, response. It aims to ensure a coherent and complementary approach, identifying ways to work together for better collective results.

Information Management is a key factor to achieving better Coordination and Communication. Humanitarian logistics information systems improve information flows, which integrates logistic units more efficiently with non-logistic units within the humanitarian supply chains and provides better feedback to donors, ensuring more effective operations. Humanitarian logistic information systems can provide accurate and timely information on what supplies are required, what supplies have been delivered to beneficiaries and in which locations. Implementing up-to-date information systems is essential in providing real-time supply chain information and helps to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian operations.

The 4th African Logistics Conference offers experts from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, industry and governments across Africa a platform to come together and share best-practice solutions and discuss new information technologies that can be implemented to enhance humanitarian operations in Africa.

The conference is initiated and organized by the HELP Logistics AG, a programme of the Kuehne-Foundation (Stiftung), Switzerland and the Centre of Humanitarian Logistics at the University of Dar es Salaam, Business School, (Tanzania). The conference is presented through the sponsorship of the Kuehne-Stiftung (Foundation).

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