Periperi U join new Af-STAG and AYAB

Staff from the Periperi U partners were invited to apply to become members of the newly established African Science and Technology Advisory Group (Af-STAG) and the Africa Youth Advisory Board on Disaster Risk Reduction (AYAB - DRR) for the implementation of the DRR in Africa. Four Periperi U staff (from Bahir Dar University, University of Antanananarivo, University of Buea and University of Sciences and Technologies – Houari Boumediene - as seen in table 1) were selected to be members of the Af-STAG to serve on a voluntary basis to provide their scientific expertise and guidance towards DRR initiatives and policies undertaken by the African Union Commission (AUC), Regional Economic Communities and AUC Member States. What is more, three of the partners were elected to hold executive committee positions, including Chairperson of the Af-STAG group held by Prof Djillali Benouar of University of Sciences and Technologies – Houari Boumediene.

Two young staff from Stellenbosch University and University of Antanananarivo, as well as a former student from University of Ghana, were selected to be members of the AYAB - DRR. The role of the AYAB members will be to champion the capacity building of African youth, design of youth sensitive policies, implementation, monitoring and review of DRR within Africa across continental, regional, national and local levels. A core priority of the AYAB set out by the AUC is to engage with Periperi U partners to facilitate capacity building initiatives and increased collaboration and exchange between young African scientists and practitioners in the field of DRR.

Table 1: Periperi U representation on Af-STAG and AYAB



Group & position

Aina Andrianjakatina


AYAB - Southern Africa Representative

Alberto Francioli


AYAB - Southern Africa Representative

Djillali Benouar


A-STAG - Chairperson

Holimalala Randriamanampisoa


A-STAG - Communication /Resources Mobilisation

Samuel Ayonghe


A-STAG - Central African Representative

Tarekegn Yehuala


A-STAG - Secretary