8th Session of Africa Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction


The Africa Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (AWG) provides technical support to the African Union Commission, Regional Economic Communities, Member States and partners for coordination and implementation of the Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and its Programme of Action. The AWG meets biannually wherein the Core Group and Extended Group meet alternatively. Seven such sessions of the AWG have been convened so far.
The 8th Session of the AWG will focus on the implementation of the Yaoundé Declaration, particularly the adopted two key action points:
  • Align the Programme of Action for Implementation of the Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction with the Sendai Framework
  • Set up a follow-up mechanism at the highest possible level in the African Union and, in the interim period, establish a sub-committee on disaster risk reduction within the African Union Specialised Technical Committee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Environment.
  • Key objectives of the 8th Session of AWG are:
    1. Based on recommendations of the 7th Session of the AWG, endorse a structured approach to the alignment of the Africa Programme of Action with the Sendai Framework.
    2. Agree on the Terms of Reference for developing the revised Programme of Action.
    3. Update AWG Members on the progress of the EU-ACP Programme on ‘Building Disaster Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa’
    4. Agree on follow-up steps, including:
      1. Submission of the Yaoundé Declaration and other key DRR outcomes to the African Union Summit
      2. Host and venue for 9th Session of the AWG (Extended) meeting
      3. Host and venue for the 6th Africa Regional Platform
      4. Agenda[pdf 226.53 KB]

        Concept Note[pdf 236.51 KB]