The Periperi U partnership would like to officially introduce the University of Buea (UBuea) as its 12th and newest member of the consortium.

The UBuea team is led by Professor Samuel Ayonghe, the Dean of Science at UBuea and director of the newly formed Centre for Hazard Monitoring and Disaster Management (CEDIM). Professor Ayonghe and the CEDIM focus their research upon Seismo-volcanic, hydro-meteorological, and water and food security related risks in Cameroon. Their university is even situated on the slopes of Mount Cameroon, Mongo ma Ndemi, one of the most active volcanoes in the region. Joining the partnership will offer the opportunity for disaster risk related issues, publications and research from Cameroon and the central African region to be promoted and given greater attention both continentally and globally. As well as open opportunities for investment and support for disaster risk related capacity building, academic development and enhancing research through USAID’s financial support of the consortium. Through Periperi U’s support, UBuea aims to establish specialised disaster risk related academic programmes/modules and platforms for short course training.

To see more information, visit Ubuea’s partner page here