Periperi U’s academic programmes flourishing

The opening quarter of 2017 has been one of incredible growth for the Periperi U consortium, as 483 new students (305 male and 178 female) joined the existing 501 students (279 male and 222 female), reaching 984 students enrolled across the consortium’s 12 partners. Of specific note is the increase in women students registered in Periperi U-implemented courses, which is now 40% of total enrolment.

Our newest members Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in Nigeria and the University of Buea (UBuea) in Cameroon must be acknowledged for their determination and resourcefulness under extremely challenging conditions. ABU has enrolled a staggering 229 students across its five postgraduate academic courses this year. UBUEA has also managed to advance its programme - despite political unrest and internet access to Cameroon's English-speaking areas being cut. This has resulted in Ubuea staff driving to Douala 3-4 times weekly to download emails, as well as printing out all student materials in hard-copy due to students being unable to access the internet.

Similarly, UDM has reported that 110 new students (65 females and 45 males) had registered for its BSc. degree in Environmental Engineering and Disaster Risk Management. An impressive achievement considering its original registration target was for 30 new students.