RADAR Community Risk Assessment Short Course November 2015: Registration open

Venue: Stellenbosch University Dates: 16 – 20 November 2015
The course focuses on strengthening community-based risk assessment capabilities in disaster-prone informal settlements. The course gives priority to assessing household and community risks using a range of participatory methods as well as other quantitative and spatial risk-related data. It is useful and relevant to disaster management practitioners working in at-risk communities, local councillors / political leaders. However, the course is equally important for development practitioners, as well as those concerned with capacity-building, poverty reduction or sustainable development
Key Content Areas:
  • Role of CRA in development planning/ risk reduction
  • Principles, practice and ethics of CRA
  • Introduction to critical data sources for assessing risk
  • Capturing and mapping spatial data using GPS
  • Introduction to participatory CRA methods
  • Conducting a preliminary scoping exercise
  • Applied CRA: Fieldwork in an informal settlement
  • Effective analysis/consolidation of CRA findings
  • Effective communication of CRA findings
Key Outcomes:
  • Demonstrated capacity to conduct a Community Risk Assessment as form of participatory action research.
  • Strengthened understanding of role of community based disaster risk management in effective risk reduction and integrated development planning.
  • Built capacity in core skills and knowledge areas underpinning risk assessment, application of appropriate assessment methods, collection of primary, secondary and spatial data.
  • Strengthened skills in communicating risk assessment findings including community feedback, written reports and formal presentations.
  • Certificate of competence awarded (NQF Level 6)
REGISTER ONLINE HERE or APPLICATION FORMS Course Cost: R7000.00 / +-USD 600.00 Course duration: 5 days Course instruction in English Certificate of competence (5 credits) issued upon successful completion of take-home assignment Various local accommodation options are available. Transport provided to and from course venue each day by prior arrangement Visas are required for most foreign visitors. Please check with your local South African consulate (No health information or inoculations required). For more information, please contact: Mrs P J Zweig Email: Tel: +27 (0)21 808 9282; Fax: +27 (0)21 882 -8469