TIME TO LET GO - Remaking humanitarian action for the modern era

The Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG), One of the world's leading teams working on humanitarian issues, has just published their new research which reveals the humanitarian sector's failure to adapt to a rapidly changing world. The HPG are dedicated to improving humanitarian policy and practice through a combination of high-quality analysis, dialogue and debate.

Despite a decade of system-wide reforms, the humanitarian sector is still falling short in the world’s most enduring crises.

The humanitarian system is simply not doing a good job in the eyes of the people it aims to help.
It is time for the humanitarian sector to let go of some of the fundamental – but outdated – assumptions, structures and behaviours that prevent it from adapting to meet the needs of people in crises.
This is a proposal for radical change to create a humanitarian system that is fit to respond to the challenges of both today and tomorrow. It calls for:
It is based on the findings of a larger report, ‘Time to let go: remaking humanitarian action for the modern era’.

To download and read their report, click on the image below;

For more information about the HPG's research and work, please visit their website here