PERIPERI U TALKS: Using Artificial Intelligence to Strengthen Disaster Prevention in Eastern Africa - Perspectives from UNESCO

Date: 03 Jun 2021 to: 03 Jun 2021

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'Using Artificial Intelligence to Strengthen Disaster Prevention in Eastern Africa

by Samuel Partey from UNESCO 

12h00 Central African Time (CAT)

03 June 2021

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Recent projections predict extreme weather events for most parts of Eastern African countries. One way of enhancing the overall awareness and responsiveness to disasters is to use artificial intelligent approaches, which would help bridge the distance, in time and space, between citizens and authorities in those crucial first few moments following the disasters. Using AI in the data analysis can identify risk areas and determine future needs. Such software algorithms that imitate human intelligence can help in generating conclusions from natural phenomena presented by spatial data. While technological advancement and innovation have created new opportunities for enhancing disaster resiliency and risk reduction, these technologies are limitedly used in Africa hampering efforts for the development and implementation of state-of-the-art and sustainable disaster risk reduction (DRR) and preventive solutions.

Mr Samuel Partey will be presenting this session, discussing UNESCO's recent project to support the development and integration of science-evidenced artificial intelligent (AI) innovations and gender-responsive actions into strategies and action plans for disaster risk reduction in schools, higher education, communities and public sector institutions in African SIDs. TThe overaching aim of this project is to utilise AI to support the adoption of science-evidenced best practices and inform decisions that enable institutions and policies for disaster risk reduction in the beneficiary countries.

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