PPU Talks Style


Talk Guests are encouraged to present their session in a way that best conveys the themes and message of their topic and engage with the audience. Talk Guests are encouraged to use various methods of presentation from PowerPoint, animations to demonstrations for their sessions. Keep in mind that sessions should be kept brief and to the point.

Below are a series of suggested styles of engagement to share knowledge between presenters and their audience;

  • Traditional Lecture: Provide a short lecture or ‘crash course’ to introduce audience to a particular theme or subject. E.g. Hazard identification and vulnerability analysis.
  • Reflection/specific case study: Talk Guests may reflect generally on a specific topic or research project. E.g.  Review on study of impacts of Southern African drought.
  • Solution to a problem/breakthrough: Talk Guests may discuss about a response to a problem or a breakthrough with new information or innovations. E.g. Improved methods for early warning systems.
  • Big or small questions/proposal: Presenters present problems that is lacking in data and advocating for its further research. E.g. effectiveness of disaster response to a particular event.
  • Think again: Presenters could raise issues or subjects that may need to be revisited or readdressed, proposing different facts or possibly provide alternatives to certain theories. E.g. re-evaluating disaster risk policy and implementation.